The Tomorrow’s Harvest® Olive Twist Tree is made from two different plants that are twisted together as one. The idea for the twist came from our participation in an effort to bring two different peoples together.

In December 2006, 164 olive trees were planted into the Iraqi soil of Camp Anaconda. At the same time but over 7,600 miles away, another 164 olive plants from the same source were planted in California.

These plants symbolize a link of peace between the two nations and a lasting legacy of the partnership between U.S. forces and the people of Iraq.

Master Sgt. Patricia Marsano coordinated with local Iraqi civilians to make this project a reality. American companies contributed to the gesture with generous donations. Burchell Nursery supplied the plants, while the California Rare Fruit Growers coordinated the effort, and FedEx shipped the plants to Camp Anaconda.

These plants remind us of the ongoing connection we all have with our brothers and sisters in other countries who need an olive branch extended in peace.

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