The children at Rancho Santa Marta in the Baja California region of Mexico have been very blessed. This wonderful organization founded in 1980 provides a caring Christian home and school for at-risk and special needs children, youth and adults. The mission is to help them develop physically, emotionally, socially, spiritually and educationally. And Burchell Nursery wanted to help.

So what better way for a nursery to help kids grow than to help them learn to grow? Fruit trees, that is. By donating trees, Burchell Nursery is helping the children at Rancho Santa Marta enjoy the sweet rewards of growing peaches. They are nourished not only by the fresh-picked fruit they eat, but also by gaining hands-on knowledge of agriculture. And a good portion of each harvest also helps fund the ranch, as they sell the fruit to the local community.

Over the years, Burchell has given thousands of trees, along with visits by expert staff to offer advice on growing different varieties in the dry and changing southwestern climate. Everyone has learned that the types of peaches that grow best are Spring Crest, Summerset and Suncrest – very popular in Mexico – along with Topic Prince, Topic Beauty, Elegant Lady and Red Top. They also grow clingstone varieties of Carson and Loadel.

The ranch currently has five acres under cultivation.

Founder Bill Lawrence says in gratitude, “I can’t say enough about Burchell trees – how blessed we have been with the orchard they have provided for the children and staff here.”

Third-generation leader of Burchell Nursery, Tom Burchell, explains that’s just how he was raised – to give back. It was a tradition he learned from his grandfather, Irvin, who founded the nursery in 1942, and from his father, Bill, who was at the helm from 1970 to 2004. And now Tom is channeling this passion for giving through the Give and Grow Hope program.

If your organization would like to apply for donated fruit trees, please submit the application on this site.

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