“The future of our agriculture economy is based on educational systems that provide a multitude of experiences that prepare the leaders of tomorrow. If we simply ignore the value of hard work and the pride of ownership that comes with having a productive project or work experience opportunity, we risk losing more than simply employees, we could be overlooking the talents that will help answer the emerging questions and challenges that our food industries continue to deal with.”

The Escalon Agricultural Experience entails developing a seven-acre agriculture demonstration site and field lab for hands-on education. It will include livestock facilities, permanent pasture, and almond orchard. Not only will the farm be utilized for agricultural education, it will also provide land, buildings and equipment for student FFA supervised agriculture experience (SAE) projects in the animal and plant sciences.

“Without a facility that provides agricultural experiences for “all” students, regardless of where they live, we risk losing a future contributor to our agriculture industry and community.”

A wasted opportunity can be the greatest determinant to a student’s success in life.”

If your organization would like to apply for donated fruit trees, please submit the application on this site.

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