“Our house burned down and we are rebuilding, but it won’t be completed until around Christmas. We lost all of our 7 fruit trees and will replace them, but cannot do it while the house is under construction…I will tell you this is the first “free” opportunity I have wanted to use”

The town of Paradise, California underwent a devastating fire last fall. The Camp Fire, in Paradise, California was the deadliest in California history. Burning over 153,336 acres — destroying almost 19,000 buildings, claiming 85 lives and countless livelihoods — the people of Paradise now face the challenge to rebuild.

The people of Paradise persevered through the most difficult times of the aftermath, while slowly starting to rebuild. In an effort to help the citizens face the challenge of rebuilding, Tomorrow’s Harvest Give & Grow Hope foundation partnered with local nursery owner, Scott Paris High-Hand Nursery, to donate over 3,500 trees to the citizens of Paradise. With lines starting at 8am and trees gone by noon, Tom Burchell said he was met with “lots of hugs and thanks from people who have nothing left” and “this is why we do what we do.”

The people of Give & Grow Hope are always available to talk about tree donations. If your organization would like to apply for donated fruit trees, please submit the application on this site.

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